Tuesday, September 23, 2014

His heart, your heart

Your love God, cannot be contained. It pours- overflows onto us.
Whatever the season may be- season of laughter, mourning, loss, gain...- He is singing over you. Singing how much He loves you.
There is no max of how much He loves; there is no thing that would change how much He loves you.
He longs to hear you say, "I love you."
He leaps and looses His breath when you give your heart wholely to Him, over hearing you say you love Him.
He gasps at the sound of your voice, your gaze at Him. He is overcome by it.

You long to hear His heartbeat- how much more He longs to hear your heartbeat... your heart beating with His- in sync- one in the same- unidentifiable of whose is whose.
Beating as one, you & He- together.
That is how He meant it. That is how He designed it.
If He created you after His own image- this means His heart is in you. His purpose was to walk with you, hand in hand, heart in heart, no step taken out of order,
The original design.
What was the purpose of giving you His heart?
Jesus' inheritance is your heart.

What happened?

I find myself standing at the foot of the bed, looking on as the surgeon is cutting open different parts of the heart.
The lifeless heart- cold, unmoving- held in the hands of the surgeon, the surgical tech, & the physicians assistant.
symbolic threesome???
Each heart has a different problem- dissection, dilation, clog, placque, dead tissue, no electrical circuit firing.
Each heart needing mending in a different way- in the natural & the supernatural.

Why are our hearts so filthy, so bruised & broken & sick?
Because we have defiled them- we have given our hearts to other things or people.We have given our hearts over to the one who is against everything of God.
We have robbed Jesus of His inheritance.
Family lines have generational tasks or purposes that have been incomplete for years, some for centuries.
Why do you think some diseases are hereditary, passed down like high cholesterol or diabetes or cancer, just to name a few?
Generational strongholds.
These things can be broken off & mended.

He is in the business of healing hearts. His priority is to glorify His Son- whom He sent- who chose to sacrifice His life for you.
His heart overflows with neverending bloodflow to wash over each of our hearts.


But the greatest of these is love.
God is love.
Jesus loved us that much. The greatest form of love is sacrifice of life.
If His blood heals all- I want it flowing through my heart & body- every crevice of me.
What about you?

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