Thursday, March 26, 2015

It is Good

Thank you God...
For my life 
That even though none of it has turned out the way I thought or planned- it is good. 
As I sit on the couch in my roommates house, reflecting- this place is for now my home. The place were I find rest. These people are my family. 
Thank You God 
For some of the people I thought who would be in my life a little longer or forever- I thank you for them. For the ways they impacted my life and I theirs. 
for the ones who are added to my life daily and for those who have always been there... I thank you God. 
For the ones who have yet to enter and will walk with me in my journey- I thank you. 
You are a good good Father. 
And I will praise you for ALL that have done and allowed to occur because it is good! 
I think back at the what seemed to be horrific moments and words said- which are just memories now.  
Awestruck at how those moments made me lean in ever harder and stronger. 

Tonight as I attended the first memorial service of a young patient I took care of, I found myself reflecting on all the care I provided or words spoken and time spent with them. 
Was it enough?
Did I really impact them?
Did I show You in me? 
And hearing Him securely say with confidence- "you did good April. You sang to me in the moments when they needed to hear my voice"

It makes me very aware of eternity. 
And with a heavy heart I am reminded so many don't know where they will spend it. 
No life is worth not asking or pouring in to or spending time with for Him. 

I am made very aware of my purpose as a nurse often taking care of people at their last moments of life. And every believer's purpose- which is...
 "Do they know Me?"

When Christ said with His last breaths on the cross- that THEY would be with me- it wasn't a cry or plea, it was a directive. It was a mission. It was a purpose. Our purpose. Just as His short life on Earth was-  His purpose was made very clear. 
"Do they know Me?"
Christ made the declaration for us as a Body, as a Church, as followers and imitators of Him- to make sure they know Him. 
Not to force 
Not to shove 
But to love 
Love will win every time- even though it may not be immediate. 

I thank You God for the opportunity to see my purpose play out in a few moments affecting one persons life. And I thank You for more of these moments that You will allow me to be apart of and the people to affect. 
What a great task and what a privilege we as followers of Christ have to impact the world as He, our Lord and Savior, has asked us to do. 
Thank You...
 for Your patience and grace with me, through the waiting and processing for me to GET IT.