Monday, June 30, 2014

Inbound or outbound

Maybe I'll be able to stretch out, maybe a 4 row of seats will be available. I might actually get to sleep on this flight! 
A small village of ultra Orthodox Jews surrounded me. And they brought their kids. 
This should be interesting. 

A mother of 3 sat next to me. Her 9 months old in her lap. He was cute... Or so I thought till he began screaming and throwing everything in his grasp at me!
He wouldn't sleep- I thought... Kid, it's 1am. You should be passed out! 
Oh no... He wants to grab and smack me. 

Food service- that will fix everything temporarily! 
Oh wait... You ran out before you got to me. Super!!! Don't you know how many people are on this flight and plan accordingly? Hmmmmmm
Lady next to me had a kosher meal though. And ate her sandwhich till it was gone! 
Oh well- I don't need food this late anyway. 
Mom fell asleep and ended up with her 2 yr old who was also asleep in her lap. The baby and 3 yr old fell asleep finally in dad's arms across from us. 
Slight turbulence met...
Oh no... This is your first time flying... Oh no... Your pale... Your clammy... Your hot - not a good combo
Where's the bag... I can't find it fast enough... Oh no... It's coming... I know that look...
Bag open- and it began!
Small space... No air... Heat is on... Pinned next to the window...
Just turn your head april!
I had the quickest memory of traveling to Illinoise as a child with my grandparents, brother, & cousin zack in the boat... Well what we thought was a boat anyway but resembled a Cadillac. We left early in the morning, stopped to get mcdonalds breakfast & by gosh zack WAS going to drink that orange juice per Granny Mae. Ten minutes down the road we hear- I don't feel so good. 
Sitting in the back seat if the caddie was quick like a boat and very easy to get car sick. Jacob on one side, me on the other, Zack in the middle,pillow in lap... "Granny, I'm going to..." 
Granny's cat like, I'm the mother of 4 but many more than that, reflexes emptied the tissue box just in the nick of time to catch the ever so smelly orange juice throw up. Windows were now down in the back, noses couldn't get far enough out of the window without taking our seatbelt a off, and that wasn't an option- Pops was still driving steady without a glitch in his step. 
A few dry heaves from me... 
Hope she liked that sandwhich again. 
Sleeping child, still asleep, still sweaty, sliding ever so slowly down her lap.
I'm pretty sure he's going to hit the floor. 
The dinosaur calls stopped- thank You Lord!
Now for clean up... Oh wait- there's no house keeping in flight. Hahaha
What was I thinking. 
One soft an later with a some sips of sprite... She is resting nicely. 
Still in her many layers and hat slight disheveled to the side, but that bad boy ain't coming off!

No sleep- no food- no reading- no writing- guess I'll pray. 

Friday, June 27, 2014


While on his travels, he met such a creature.
He was captivated by her becoming look.
She saw him walking over to her... Curious she was 
Her gate quickened as she caught the gaze of another moving toward him. Her slender legs widened as her stride lengthened, her knobby knees followed suit.

She slowed... He turned...
Their brown eyes met... Her heart began beating faster... Wildly out of control
She stopped at the only thing separating her from her new found interest-- 
How could she free herself from this barrier? 
She would have to settle for this mediocre closeness to him. 

Cautiously... She elongated her neck- he slowly reached his hand out 
His skin collided with hers... 
Her soft caramel brown hair was slightly tangled... Patches of coarse hair throughout peaked his curiosity...
How could he tell this beautiful creature of his interest in her? 
 Feeding her? Washing her? Caressing her?
As he thought, he saw her jealousy for his attention when the others came about. 
She firmly but loudly made known her territory. 

He spoke to her with his soft kind voice.. 
Her heart yearned to hear his voice, feel his touch, to just be near him. 

He did not know how long he could be in her company but he had to know...
What should I call her? 

Meet Mandy ...

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Gone fishin

Fisher-man: one who fishes for men. 
Fishing takes time, quiet, peace, focus, ease, grace.  

Once you catch a fish- then what?
You gut it, wash it, prep it, season it, fire it up, and it serves it's purpose. 
Each part happens in its own timing and for its original design. One part done before the other results in a massive redo project. 

Isn't this what the disciples did? 
Isn't this what we are to do? 
If we "fish for men"- I have to say we are out of a job. 

Why do we continue to lack in this area? Are we waiting for them to come to us? Are we waiting for our lives to be perfect? Are we waiting to be ready for it? 
All of the above and more. 
We are too distracted by self seeking, immediate satisfaction, self gratification, & self glorification, that we continue to miss the "fish" or opportunities or we are just plain scared or maybe we just don't care. 
The enemy has us sitting stagnet in fear or distraction. Stalled. 
When will we wake up and begin to fish again? And be successful at it? 

We- being those following after Christ with a willing heart and yielded to His will- must acknowledge and accept the call each one of us has to "fish" for those who do not know Him. Doing this- we will be obeying the Lord's will. And following after Christ's heart and desire... The entire reason He died on the cross... "That none would perish."

So many people are hurting. So many people are searching. Searching for the One thing that was meant to fill our hearts desire. 
We have done an excellent job at being distracted or even better- judging. 
Judgement on people not the sin. Judging a person is not our job. Holding accountable a person to their sin is part of the function of the Famibily (aka your Biblical Family) . 

The Church has said "you can't mess up here. You must look and play the part. Nothing is wrong in my life. With Jesus, my life became unmessy and perfect." 
We are believing a lie. 
Truth is- shouldn't within the relms of the Body of Christ we be able to mess up and fail, be picked up, corrected, & guided in a loving way? Isn't that what Christ did with the disciples? If we are free to mess up in the Body, then we wouldn't be messing up out in the world as bad, judging instead of teaching, We wouldn't be turning so many off from Christ. 
We are responsible for scaring the "Fish" away. We have made too much of OUR OWN noise. 

Be in the Word, Be still before God, Be in fellowship, Be in accountability, Be under a spiritual mother & father... Be yielded to God- fully and wholehearted. 
We might be able to help God fix what we have unaligned from His original intent... to be Fishmen for Him 

Monday, June 23, 2014


As we travel each day, I am loving seeing the land and the people. I see it so differently now since I have been awakened by God. 
Traveling is no longer just for my pleasure- it means business. Business not in the sense of always having to be busy or doing, but remembering- I am constantly being watched, I am Christ here on earth, I am the hope of glory. 
Business- of Light exuding, Glory giving, in awe looking at He who has called me for His purpose. 
It is serious yet so simple 
I am listening... still... silent...
Overwhelmed heart of joy
I wish I could have walked all the way around the Sea of Galilee with Jesus as Mary Magdalen did. 
To sit at His feet... 
To stay there a while...
Lost in the moment with Him... 
I want more...

Friday, June 20, 2014

FamiliOR stranger ?

Is God a familiar stranger to you?
Do you know Him? His likes, His dislikes, do you know what makes His heart beat, His heart move, His heart jump? Do you know what makes Him smile, what makes Him cry, makes Him sad, makes Him angry?
Do you know Him? Personally... Relationally... Emotionally... Physically...
If all He wants in this world is for you to be in relationship with Him- what does that relationship look like? 
Is He like a distant relative you visit a few times a year or only at big family get togethers? Or is He like a close friend? Twin? Brother? Sister? 
Do you know Him more intimately or closely than your spouse? 

He desires you. He delights in you. He wants you near Him. He wants you talking to Him. He wants to hear about your day, your fears, your problems, your thanks, your praises. He wants to hear your voice more than you want to hear His. 
He wants to hear it all day long. 
He longs for you, He smiles each time you speak to Him or think of Him. He melts every time you turn your gaze to Him. 
Did you know how much He loves you? 

Is your relationship with Him the most important thing or do you just use God when it benefits you or when you need something or when something goes wrong? Do you have an adulterous relationship with God because of your lack of discipline or multiples of life distraction? 
Are you using God as your fire insurance? or do you have an actual daily, continuous relationship with Him? 
If He is the most important relationship you should have- how often do you talk, have a meal together, drive together, sit quietly together? When was the last time you asked Him a question about Himself instead of just requesting something for yourself? 
When was the last time you said "Hi" to the One who makes each new day you have?
He hasn't gone anywhere- He is waiting for you...

Thursday, June 19, 2014

His butterfly

she said...
I see you as a butterfly dripping with gold.
With each flutter of your delicate wing, golden glitter flits into the air, like sprays of wet dew that quench your skin from the blistering sun. The drops of gold settle on those so intently gazing. Wherever you go... Whomever you engage... They see the beauty from inside out- seeing its difference, longing for what has created it- or who created it. 
It's golden beauty does not run dry for the butterfly flutters by to the source of its Everlasting beauty. 
The Water of life- the Well that never runs dry- the Spring in the most desertous places. His water brings life, His water is life, His water always and forever more quenches. 
His water can flood- wiping every evil thing away, His water can fill- to give life to those who partake, His water grows- as the plants in the grown, His water nourishes- as the sustenance of life itself. 

Who am I- that someone sees His light flowing all around me, as well as being loosed into the atmosphere where I reside and on anyone who comes near. 
Who am I-that You would entrust Your secrets to, Your heart to, Your love to? 
You alone have called me Yours
You alone have saved me
You alone get all the glory
You alone are God


This is your life to Him, April!
He makes you beautiful... 

His tower over me is strong

A tower... A self supporting structure that stands alone or part of a surrounding structure. They are subject to varying winds and weather. Users take advantage of the elevation in surveying the defensive positions and obtaining a better view of the surrounding areas, including battlefields. They were constructed on defensive walls, or rolled near a target. They were also used to communicate information over greater distances.

The Tower of David- King David's palace...
What did David do there?...
played music
sang praises to God
meditated on The Lord
I like to think he sat still and silent, listening for His still small voice

As my hands ran across rocks that were laid thousands of years ago, I can't help but think of David running his hands the same places and for the same reason- to pray for the city and it's holy people called by God.
As my eyes watch people, my heart breaks.
Did David's break at seeing and hearing the lack of reverence and immense adultery to our holy God?
The psalms say time and time again- praises to you God, save me, deal with my enemy, deal with sin, but thank You for Your mercy.

I see David- standing- looking at his tower, turning to pray- thoughts of the once great city, hopes of the future in which will happen.

And yet- my spirit leaps to think of the New Jerusalem not built by human hands; no inhabitant against His perfect nature, no violence, no strife, no pain, no worry; all inhabitants able to stand before a holy God because of Jesus. We, standing as the Bride- pure and whole
Is this what he longs for?
As David prays for his people, for his city, for Jesus to hasten his return- I ask-- what are you doing to change what we see before us- darkness prevailing in the land because of new forms of ungodliness, because of old forms of ungodliness, denying the Messiah, the Body of Christ accepting what was never meant to be within us- sin. 

"Thy neck is like the Tower of David built with turrets, whereon there hang a thousand shields, all the armor of the mighty men." (Song of Songs, 4:4)

 This means, setting your will to obey God.
Will you- at all cost- obey the One who paid the highest price for your life, whose blood is the veil for God to look upon you? 

Tuesday, June 17, 2014


Fear- a distressing emotion aroused by impending danger, evil, pain,etc., whether the threat is real or imagined; the feeling or condition of being afraid.

What feeds it? 
Where does it come from?
Is it normal?
What can be done with it?
How can it be overthrown?

What do you fear?   Pain, losing something or someone, spiders, snacks, dogs, mice, death?

Fear began in the Garden. Adam & Eve, after eating the fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and evil, feared The Lord. Why?
And so began the fear that was not meant to be apart of life for us. It is not how God designed it, but He knew it would happen. 
Why do we fear as children? 
All that we know and learn from infancy to early childhood is taught, purposefully or not, by our parents or siblings or family. When a child first begins to fear it is being separated from its parent. Not that they had never not come back, for most kids anyway, but the enemy crept in, placing thoughts of abandonment in the child's mind. 
Children get hurt or see a scary movie or see scary pictures or the unknown= this creates things to fear and stays with them for most of their lives. 
Adults allow things to come in with or without knowing of the danger that creates fear. 
It happens without our consent most of the time. Or there is a lack of boundary. 
As life continues more fears creep in and others flee. 
Circumstances in life bring more fear- but not because we ask for it, but because we don't know how to or the fact that we have the power to overcome it. 
Angst, worry, & control are particles of fear. 
The enemy THRIVES on it! 

We were not created with a spirit of fear. We were created to rule over all things here on earth and to live in peace, but most of all to glorify God. 

Fear focuses on the dark. 
How do we counteract it? 
                Focus on The Light! 
We are called to see through the darkness to what darkness is trying to hide. 
The enemy is trying to hide that which God is trying to mend or use or purpose for His glory. 
The enemy wants to keep us at bay- hidden in our fear and shame so that we cannot be used or healed or restored. 
Stop listening to fear. It will control you and devour every ounce of joy and life. 
But know... God is able to do immeasurably more than we can imagine or ask. 
He does not want His children to live in fear. Just like you don't want your children to live in fear. 
So... How do we overcome fear?
Declare what God has promised. 

"The fear of The Lord is the beginning of wisdom." 
This fear is reverence to the holy God who creates life and everything of this world. To know who created you and why. 
The Lord is perfect love & "perfect Love casts out all fear."

Every time the feet of a Jesus follower hit the ground- the enemy trembles in fear of the One in which we stand!!

So what do you fear now?

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Hello Dennis

Meet Dennis 
He came out slightly charred, but very handsome. Smelled divine. Like I could eat him up! 
He sacrificed so much to be there for me. We have similar taste- he really loves carrots and onions. He enjoys a good warm pita, in fact he prefers them. He did nothing but smile at me all night. His dark brown eyes gazed so intently at mine. Nothing could keep us apart... It was love at first sight. The lemonade we drank tasted so fresh against the spice from the salad. His silence captivated my interest and curiosity of how much people raved over him. His inability to stick around longer than one night was less than appealing to me but I succumbed to wiles. 

Meet Dennis... 

His Sun/Son

As I was watching my first sunset in Israel- I thought of why God called the sun the sun. All of Gods created things revolve around it, it gives light to all it touches, it cannot be looked upon because of it's brightness and brilliance, it gives light to all, it warms you, it melts away things that are hard icey and cold. 
Ironic... That the sun is so similar to The Son

He gives life
He is light
He melts cold hardened hearts
He cannot be looked upon because of His bright brilliance
Everything revolves around Him
His eyes are like flames of fire
He warms you
He is the light of life

The Son & sun is the most important part of our lives

Thursday, June 12, 2014

His hands at work...

The next journey beginning... The old way left behind. 
The feeling is odd but good, fresh but scary, exciting all the same!
I want nothing more than to do engage in my favorite hobby of traveling, and God has opened the door. This time- my heart is different. My focus has changed. I want to be His hands on this earth. 
A new heart, a new way, a new focus... And the first place He chooses is His holy land. 
My expectation... God
He has said, " "you must go to everyone I send you to & say whatever I command you. Do not be afraid of them, for I am with you & will rescue you." Then The Lord reached out his hand & touched my mouth & said to me, "now, I have out my words in your mouth. See, today I have appoint you over nations & kingdoms to uproot & tear down, to destroy & to plant.""-- Jeremiah 1:7-10

Thank You Lord, for choosing me- the unqualified- to qualify and equip me to speak Your truth so that other may see who You are & believe.