Thursday, April 23, 2015

I know that was You

Supremacy- preeminence- the quality of having unlimited power- absolute power

As I am sitting here on a train that I was late for according to time
But was held for me to get home on- I am reminded of God's omnipotence. 
His supremacy. 
His absolute power. 
He can do whatever He wants, whenever He wants. 
But He doesn't do any of it to break our free will. 
As I was running to the train station because everything seemed to go wrong and time was of the essence- I prayed  "Lord- I need your help to make it to my train. Everything is going wrong all at once when time is of the essence. I trust you and am confident You will get Your daughter to the train on time. And if not- you have another plan. " 

I texted others to pray as well. 

The man scanning my ticket said- it's alright you have time and have a blessed night. 
I stopped and looked at him- tears filling my eyes- thank you for that. 

I often forget that God is omnipotent. 
He loves to defy the impossible- and in my life, He has proven that time and time again. 
Why do I forget? 

He can do whatever He wants- but never steps over the free will boundary. 
He desires so much to be with us and give us everything just as any parent would want and desire for their kid. But He knows giving it all at one time when we are inexperienced or immature would be detrimental to us. 
He is a good good Daddy

I sit comfortably in my seat on my train ride home very thankful that my Daddy is always watching me and He does not miss a thing. Be it ever so big or ever so small. 
Thank you God for being omnipotent and so watchful to your daughter

Wednesday, April 8, 2015


I woke much earlier than I had panned. Slightly frustrated because I was so tired and only on day 2 of 4 nights to work. I laid my head back down to try to sleep a little longer.
As I was drifting off to sleep I rememeber asking, "Can you let me sleep a little longer God?"
All of a sudden I began seeing my dream play out before me...

I was in Africa again, standing on the hospital compound with many others around me. I could see the trucks & guns headed toward our small little town. My spirit jumped up, telling me- be ready, here they come.
I knew within me that these were like-minded people like the attackers in Kenya.
I watched as if it were all in slow motion & remember asking God- what do You want me to do? You have equipped me with training- how do You want me to react? The Israelites sought You in their time of need- and You gave them specific instructions of how to position themselves for peace & for fighting. So- I need to hear Your instructions.

"Pray"        was what I heard.

Knowing my earthly parents had become fervent prayer warriors for Christ, I looked down at my phone & texted my dad.

I love you. 

As the message was sent- my view began to zoom out and over to my dad.
He was at work- the hustle & bustle of another day dealing with the World's activities. The large room he was in was full of people, computers, monitor screens on the walls & desktops.
I watched him receive my text- his eyes filled with tears like he already knew what was happening in my part of the world. He looked up- dropped to his knees in the middle of this large work room & began to pray. People filling the room all stopped their business & turned their head to him. A few ran up to him & asked what was wrong. He said- "my daughter is in the middle of this war, she needs our prayers. Will you pray with me!"   People began dropping to the knees on the spot, praying out-loud & silently, they were weeping.
As the picture zoomed out- I saw every knee dropping to pray within this large room... then in the surrounding workrooms & offices... to the outside of the building... to the streets & other businesses... across states lines... stretching across America, people were dropping to their knees to pray.
I thought- how could this one act begin a wildfire reaction?
Then I remembered then impact of showing vulnerability through allowing others to see your hearts greatest desire- love.

As I woke up, tears were streaming down my face. Oh God! If this begins the wildfire of people surrendering to You- let it be! At whatever the cost!

I was hit with the reality of what was happening outside of my comfortable little world in Lancaster, PA. In America really.
The reality of what I was going to in a month hit me. I felt the Lord asking- "Are you really willing to die for Me?"
The unrest in Africa and other parts of the world is not know to me or many others accept through the media. And that in and of itself is very biased & slightly skewed. But being hit with the reality of what could take place while I was in Africa was very eye opening. It was a heart check.
Would you be willing to die for Christ?

I was on the floor weeping at this point. My thoughts went to those families who were mourning the loss of their loved ones. How their hearts were breaking- it felt as if mine was too.
Then He moved my thoughts to those who were doing the actions. I did not question why or how could they or stop them from killing people, but my heart broke even more for them. Lord- how can we change there minds?
The impact of pray is given such little light because we may not see immediate results. But I know that He hears & remembers each & every prayer. He is answering some of mine that were prayed 20 years ago. He is answer some my parents prayed when they were first pregnant with my brother & I. Just as He heard the prayers of David & Abraham & Jacob & so many more- they are still being answered.

I began praying for the people in Kenya who felt it was their job to remove any followers of Christ. I began to pray for any person who does not know my Jesus.
In my wailing for their lives, I said- YES! YES GOD! I would die for you Jesus! Just don't let my family mourn too long. But that they would rejoice knowing that this is what You created me for. To die believing & trusting & following, never wavering in The One who gave His life so willing for me thousands of years ago.
We forget that Christ warned us of this. God gave us Scripture as a guide & it tells us persecution is coming. Why are we surprised by it?
We live in such an unrealistic world in America, where we have our little lives, going to & fro, setting God in a box, often on the shelf, & only staying within our comfort zones & what pleases us.

As my travailing continued, I said, I am not afraid. Death for the believer is so sweet. To see You face to face finally. But I know it is not time yet. I will go wherever You want me to. I will do whatever You want me to- at whatever the cost, even if it cost me my life. I have yielded everything to You, but I yield my soul- my spirit to You God. I am fully Yours.

My scripture for the day was 1Timothy 6:11-19. A few of the verses caught me...
>Fight the good fight for the true faith. Hold tightly to the eternal life to which God has called you, which you have declared so well before witnesses... that you obey this command without wavering... do good, be rich in works, ready to distribute, willing to communicate. Laying up in store for themselves a good foundation against the time to come, that they may lay hold on eternal life.<

Live with unshakable faith. Kling to eternal life. Sure up your foundation in Christ. Be ready at all times to tell others. Obey- even when it's hard.

I went to Easter service that night at CFC. I was floored at what God was taught through the sermon...
Learn from Jesus.
In Matthew, it speaks about Jesus' last words to The Father.
After being persecuted physically, rejected by ALL, He emptied himself- He gave up His spirit to God.

How amazingly faithful God is to me. Allowing me to process yielding the last portions of myself to Him well before my time is up. Being crucified with Christ as Paul said.
It stirs in me to pray. That even in the business of my day I can be in prayer within my spirit for others.
The enemy has so many of us at bay by distracting us throughout our day. We must fight to hold tightly to true faith. Fighting each moment of everyday so that we do not have divided loyalty between God & the world.

Pray without ceasing
He hears your every word

Friday, April 3, 2015

Africa 2015

Hello Family & Friends
It’s that time again… update time!
Life has certainly changed for me.  Just a short update…
Three years ago, I began pursuing God very intently after hearing Him tell me “I have more for you.” Within the often-difficult walk of obedience and lifestyle changes, much outside of my control changed with it. After 2 years of waiting, God released me out from under a broken covenant and marriage; along with selling our house & all items in it; and settled me at my friend Jasmine’s. Here God has allowed me to heal, be unattached, & learn some valuable lessons. 
After 2 years of short-term (2week) missions- medical & non-medical, I began seeking God for what He wanted me to do next in my life. I felt as if He was asking me- “are you serious about missions… then connect with a group.” 
So I applied to World Medical Missions. Within one day I was flooded with many options of international placements with my unique skill set. At the same time I was praying about going back to Africa this summer. As I was praying about staying in the Open Heart Operating Room, God opened the door for new things.
WMM had multiple options for me to serve, but one in particular… India. I felt as if God was opening doors that were much bigger than I could ever expect or imagine. WMM had a special project they wanted to slot me with… teaching cardiac ICU in India for 3-6months. Two days after I said yes, my old job called and asked if I wanted to return to the Intensive Care Unit- cardiac & general medsug. I felt as if God was preparing me for things yet unseen. All the details in His hands, I made the move back to ICU and am waiting for the details of India & other adventures to be revealed. 
With all that said… God has allowed for me to go back to Egbe, Nigeria to help in the Operating Room with 2 different surgical groups this summer.
 I will be departing for Africa May 14 and return June 27th
Once I return, I will be attending a Missionary Medical Intensive course in British Columbia, Canada July 5th till July 16th. The course will teach me how to use the resources and materials at hand in rural areas such as plants for medicinal uses, minor procedures without much supplies, and much more. I will be a “make shift all you have for now doctor nurse."
I am so excited to be going back to Egbe, Nigeria with a different mindset and heart. God is so kind to allow me to assist the doctors, surgeons, nurses, and people of Egbe in their continued Revitalization project. I know there is much in store while I am there. I am traveling with my long time mentor and friend, Carmen Marflak, who has been traveling to Egbe doing anesthesia for years. 
I am in need of prayer.  This year has been one where God continues to say- trust Me with the details. He has always made good out of every situation- so I do not doubt Him in any of it. I am in need of financial help. With this being a much longer trip, it means more expenses for the trip itself. The total cost of the trip is roughly $4000. If you feel led to support financially- I am grateful. There are a few ways you can donate for my trip. One is directly to me via check- April Johnson 1018 Marshall Ave, Lancaster, Pa 17601. Or you can do an online deposit to my Samaritan’s Purse account-   type in my name as the volunteer (Johnson, April) and follow the prompts. You will receive a tax paper for the donation that way. 
Please pray about donating, about supporting me in future trips, & pray for me to continue God’s work here in the US as well as in other nations He sends me. 
There will be updates while I am there, and a report when I return. 
I am ecstatic that God has chosen me for this work and set the skills He wanted within me. He is answering prayers of a once 10 year old girl, who after one short clip on medical missions from Haiti, was hooked. I am so grateful for your support and prayers. 
Thank you all 
God bless