Thursday, April 23, 2015

I know that was You

Supremacy- preeminence- the quality of having unlimited power- absolute power

As I am sitting here on a train that I was late for according to time
But was held for me to get home on- I am reminded of God's omnipotence. 
His supremacy. 
His absolute power. 
He can do whatever He wants, whenever He wants. 
But He doesn't do any of it to break our free will. 
As I was running to the train station because everything seemed to go wrong and time was of the essence- I prayed  "Lord- I need your help to make it to my train. Everything is going wrong all at once when time is of the essence. I trust you and am confident You will get Your daughter to the train on time. And if not- you have another plan. " 

I texted others to pray as well. 

The man scanning my ticket said- it's alright you have time and have a blessed night. 
I stopped and looked at him- tears filling my eyes- thank you for that. 

I often forget that God is omnipotent. 
He loves to defy the impossible- and in my life, He has proven that time and time again. 
Why do I forget? 

He can do whatever He wants- but never steps over the free will boundary. 
He desires so much to be with us and give us everything just as any parent would want and desire for their kid. But He knows giving it all at one time when we are inexperienced or immature would be detrimental to us. 
He is a good good Daddy

I sit comfortably in my seat on my train ride home very thankful that my Daddy is always watching me and He does not miss a thing. Be it ever so big or ever so small. 
Thank you God for being omnipotent and so watchful to your daughter

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