Saturday, May 23, 2015

Africa Update #1

 As I lay in my bed surrounded by my mosquito net listening to the cricket’s nightly song & the thunder cracking closer and closer, I think- “I have been immersed for 1 week & I’m loving it.” I am still getting adjusted to the time change & travel. The hospital looks great!!! So much progress has been completed & the hospital grounds are always busy- accept after it rains.
This week I have been observing on the wards, taking notes of things to teach, protocols to write, changes that may improve patent care, & areas of success & praise. ECWA Hospital has many needs & when I zoom out on the bigger scale of educational needs, I find myself very overwhelmed. I have been asking the Lord to help me focus on His priorities here & now. My list is plenty & with the guidance of the staff and nursing students, I have my educational list cut out for me. Please pray that I can bring forward all the information needed to assist & educate the nursing staff & students. The staff & students are primed & ready to learn. Truth be told- they are yearning for it!
We had the first ever-intubated patient brought to the ICU Tuesday night. The little old lady would not wake up enough from surgery to maintain her oxygen saturation. Carmen rigged a T piece for the oxygen tank & ET tube. I was very impressed at her adaptive skills before the surgery was even over. We brought her to the ICU staff & I was released to run the show.
I am amazed at how God has given me so much to work out His purpose. Who would have thought all the education I have received & situations I have been exposed to would have been made most useful in Egbe, Nigeria? He knew before I was born that the nurses of Egbe would need to be taught about ET tubes, oxygen therapy, weaning to extubate, extubation itself, post extubation, & emergencies created out of all of this. I praise God that everything went smooth & the patient did very well. Nothing seems to keep this 90-year-old lady down.

As for an update on Goodness-she went home today- still ill. The family as out of money to treat her & we were out of options & tests. She needs a specialty hospital. But more than that- for Goodness to live… she needs a miracle from God. I find myself wondering why or how God choses who is taken and at their specific time. I also find myself asking Him why Goodness was born here in Egbe & not in the USA where she could get the testing & treatment she needs. But that is all part of His perfected plan, unknown to me or anyone else. There are just some things I have to say- I don’t understand it but I accept that You Lord are in control, know the reason behind it, & the outcome.
It is such a pleasure to work with Carmen. I am so glad we are here together. I admire her steadfastness in the Lord & in missions. It is so wonderful to get to know her better as each day passes. She has her work cut out for her in the OR & teaching as well. Please pray that she rests when needed & for supernatural strength for each day.
Spending time with the expats here is great. Getting to know each family & why & how God called them to this area is so wonderful. Last night we had a missionary party & it brought back so many memories of spending late night game nights at the Marflaks house with the group of us. We painted toes & fingers with all the girls then played a card game called manipulation. I still haven’t figured out if I am happy that I won at a game named manipulation… but all the same, I enjoyed getting to know the ladies more & more. Their hearts for Jesus & serving in a far off country away from all they know amazes me hear day. They show love constantly & it gives me a better idea of how to love people every day. I am loving all the food I am receiving. It is in abundance or plenty as they say it here. I have been able to visit town, buy fabric, visit the nursing student quarters, run, visit the bread factory, prayer rounds in the hospital, & so much more. 
I will say I am looking forward to sleeping in this weekend, but even more so, I am looking forward to discipleship & playing with the orphans of Care Africa, hiking, going to big market, getting fitted for a dress, & meeting the ECWA administration board. There have been so many answered prayers this week! God is so faithful to me. Next week the director of the ECWA board will be here. I asked God to make a way for me to spend some time with her & give her some feedback & ideas on how to better incorporate the hospital & nursing school students for the upcoming classes. Well- God answered that real quick! She is staying in the room right next to me. Ask & you shall receive.
So now- please be praying His words & ideas to better the hospital & school come fluently out of my mouth, & that they fall upon opened & receptive ears.His ways & plans are so much bigger than I could ever imagine- and He has me here for a purpose. Lord- I ask that You use me as Your pawn in this ongoing game of chess & that Your strategic plan is played out to the greatest for Your kingdom & Your glory!!!!!
Thank you for your continued prayer & support while I am here in Egbe. I hope to convey what is going on half the world away & to give you a glimpse of what you are sowing into for the Kingdom of God.
God bless


  1. Thanks for the stories. God bless your work and give you wisdom!

  2. You are an amazing women and I pray God brings you back to Egbe so we can serve the people of Egbe together everyday!