Monday, May 25, 2015

Mangos and Manna

As I lay in bed listening to the breeze rustling the leaves
crickets humming their evening tune
watching the sky turn dark because the sun is dropping below the trees
I feel all at once… peace… solitude…  joy… BANG!
What was that?!
I jumped up from my bed- slightly confused as to where I was- slowly going through the house- very aware of my vulnerability if there happened to be someone in the house.
The breeze picks up and they start to fall… mangos
Mangos on a tin roof sound like bombs going off.
My heart was racing & wait… BANG!!!... another hit… well, now I am awake & remembered where I was… Egbe, Nigeria.

I did not complain the next morning as I was cleaning  off my orange stained hands from cutting all the mangos I picked from the deposit last night.
Mangos in abundance right outside my window
Mango trees are all over the compound & it was not until today that I realized how big the trees get & how much they produce.
Each morning as I stand at the window drinking my coffee, I see how many mangos have fallen overnight- I began to think of manna.
Manna- raining down from heaven- provision from God to feed His chosen people. How long did it take for them to get tired of eating manna? How many ways were there to prepare it or eat it?
Who knows, accept that they did complain about it.
Eating manna for 40 years…
I am suddenly placed in the reality of all my options. Even in a developing country, I am bombarded with options & abundance. And I am very grateful for it!
How often do I stand at the kitchen thinking… there is nothing in here I want.
How offensive I must sound.
We do not realize how good we have it in America. And even being an American in a developing country- I still have it pretty good.
I immediately repent for being so rude to Father & thank Him for His provision.
He truly knew what He was doing when He made each tree for its specific purpose. Who would have thought that even with a mango tree right outside of my house & eating mango everyday, this girl would not get tired of it.
Ask me in a month… we will see if the answer has changed.
Thank You God for being The Provider of life. For Your provision of everything I need- even when I may not know I need it.

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