Sunday, January 25, 2015

Trusting while in the land between

Who is your source of life ? Upon whom will you depend? 
Dependence on God is vital for what is to come. 
You have the propensity to gripe when you feel uncomfortable or harsh conditions. Respond in faith. .. Trust Him 

Are you allowing yourself to be disciplined and trained by the hardships you experience so that you can live in greater dependence on God? Are you completely surrendered to God? 
The land between can be one that is short or one that lasts for a while. 
Just as the Israelites experienced- the history of their journey was given to us by God so we would not make the same long drawn out mistakes. 
God is after something that you may be missing. 
Ask Him... 
Seek Him for His answers which are always good and right. 
Just remember- it may not always be how we pictured. 
He is the All Sufficient. 
Trust Him 

Complain- to express dissatisfaction or annoyance about a state of affairs or an event; to fuss. 
We know the Israelites complained, they doubted, they strayed. As we all have. But what we forfeit when choosing to complain is the opportunity to become a person of faith. 
With each difficulty or issue or stride in life, God is whispering "will you trust me?" 

"Don't be acclimated to the world of idolatry, but formed by the character & presence of God."
To God... Complaints amount to a rejection of Him. 
You can be honest with Him but don't cross into the land of complaint. 

The desert is not the final destination but rather the necessary middle where you will be formed into His daughter or son & be established in your connection to God. 
Trust Him...