Friday, April 3, 2015

Africa 2015

Hello Family & Friends
It’s that time again… update time!
Life has certainly changed for me.  Just a short update…
Three years ago, I began pursuing God very intently after hearing Him tell me “I have more for you.” Within the often-difficult walk of obedience and lifestyle changes, much outside of my control changed with it. After 2 years of waiting, God released me out from under a broken covenant and marriage; along with selling our house & all items in it; and settled me at my friend Jasmine’s. Here God has allowed me to heal, be unattached, & learn some valuable lessons. 
After 2 years of short-term (2week) missions- medical & non-medical, I began seeking God for what He wanted me to do next in my life. I felt as if He was asking me- “are you serious about missions… then connect with a group.” 
So I applied to World Medical Missions. Within one day I was flooded with many options of international placements with my unique skill set. At the same time I was praying about going back to Africa this summer. As I was praying about staying in the Open Heart Operating Room, God opened the door for new things.
WMM had multiple options for me to serve, but one in particular… India. I felt as if God was opening doors that were much bigger than I could ever expect or imagine. WMM had a special project they wanted to slot me with… teaching cardiac ICU in India for 3-6months. Two days after I said yes, my old job called and asked if I wanted to return to the Intensive Care Unit- cardiac & general medsug. I felt as if God was preparing me for things yet unseen. All the details in His hands, I made the move back to ICU and am waiting for the details of India & other adventures to be revealed. 
With all that said… God has allowed for me to go back to Egbe, Nigeria to help in the Operating Room with 2 different surgical groups this summer.
 I will be departing for Africa May 14 and return June 27th
Once I return, I will be attending a Missionary Medical Intensive course in British Columbia, Canada July 5th till July 16th. The course will teach me how to use the resources and materials at hand in rural areas such as plants for medicinal uses, minor procedures without much supplies, and much more. I will be a “make shift all you have for now doctor nurse."
I am so excited to be going back to Egbe, Nigeria with a different mindset and heart. God is so kind to allow me to assist the doctors, surgeons, nurses, and people of Egbe in their continued Revitalization project. I know there is much in store while I am there. I am traveling with my long time mentor and friend, Carmen Marflak, who has been traveling to Egbe doing anesthesia for years. 
I am in need of prayer.  This year has been one where God continues to say- trust Me with the details. He has always made good out of every situation- so I do not doubt Him in any of it. I am in need of financial help. With this being a much longer trip, it means more expenses for the trip itself. The total cost of the trip is roughly $4000. If you feel led to support financially- I am grateful. There are a few ways you can donate for my trip. One is directly to me via check- April Johnson 1018 Marshall Ave, Lancaster, Pa 17601. Or you can do an online deposit to my Samaritan’s Purse account-   type in my name as the volunteer (Johnson, April) and follow the prompts. You will receive a tax paper for the donation that way. 
Please pray about donating, about supporting me in future trips, & pray for me to continue God’s work here in the US as well as in other nations He sends me. 
There will be updates while I am there, and a report when I return. 
I am ecstatic that God has chosen me for this work and set the skills He wanted within me. He is answering prayers of a once 10 year old girl, who after one short clip on medical missions from Haiti, was hooked. I am so grateful for your support and prayers. 
Thank you all 
God bless 

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  1. April this is so cool and I'm so grateful for you and the Lord's relationship. It would be so great catching up with you if it seemingly not to strange since I haven't seen you since Beaufort High ninth grade. But you were a great friend and I still love you very much. I relate so much to you're writings when you about missions and God saying trust me" Love you friend and so proud of you joining in where God is working and always dreamed of you being apart. Love your love of Him.