Thursday, June 19, 2014

His butterfly

she said...
I see you as a butterfly dripping with gold.
With each flutter of your delicate wing, golden glitter flits into the air, like sprays of wet dew that quench your skin from the blistering sun. The drops of gold settle on those so intently gazing. Wherever you go... Whomever you engage... They see the beauty from inside out- seeing its difference, longing for what has created it- or who created it. 
It's golden beauty does not run dry for the butterfly flutters by to the source of its Everlasting beauty. 
The Water of life- the Well that never runs dry- the Spring in the most desertous places. His water brings life, His water is life, His water always and forever more quenches. 
His water can flood- wiping every evil thing away, His water can fill- to give life to those who partake, His water grows- as the plants in the grown, His water nourishes- as the sustenance of life itself. 

Who am I- that someone sees His light flowing all around me, as well as being loosed into the atmosphere where I reside and on anyone who comes near. 
Who am I-that You would entrust Your secrets to, Your heart to, Your love to? 
You alone have called me Yours
You alone have saved me
You alone get all the glory
You alone are God


This is your life to Him, April!
He makes you beautiful... 

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