Friday, June 20, 2014

FamiliOR stranger ?

Is God a familiar stranger to you?
Do you know Him? His likes, His dislikes, do you know what makes His heart beat, His heart move, His heart jump? Do you know what makes Him smile, what makes Him cry, makes Him sad, makes Him angry?
Do you know Him? Personally... Relationally... Emotionally... Physically...
If all He wants in this world is for you to be in relationship with Him- what does that relationship look like? 
Is He like a distant relative you visit a few times a year or only at big family get togethers? Or is He like a close friend? Twin? Brother? Sister? 
Do you know Him more intimately or closely than your spouse? 

He desires you. He delights in you. He wants you near Him. He wants you talking to Him. He wants to hear about your day, your fears, your problems, your thanks, your praises. He wants to hear your voice more than you want to hear His. 
He wants to hear it all day long. 
He longs for you, He smiles each time you speak to Him or think of Him. He melts every time you turn your gaze to Him. 
Did you know how much He loves you? 

Is your relationship with Him the most important thing or do you just use God when it benefits you or when you need something or when something goes wrong? Do you have an adulterous relationship with God because of your lack of discipline or multiples of life distraction? 
Are you using God as your fire insurance? or do you have an actual daily, continuous relationship with Him? 
If He is the most important relationship you should have- how often do you talk, have a meal together, drive together, sit quietly together? When was the last time you asked Him a question about Himself instead of just requesting something for yourself? 
When was the last time you said "Hi" to the One who makes each new day you have?
He hasn't gone anywhere- He is waiting for you...

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  1. so good April - !! love this and love your heart !