Thursday, June 19, 2014

His tower over me is strong

A tower... A self supporting structure that stands alone or part of a surrounding structure. They are subject to varying winds and weather. Users take advantage of the elevation in surveying the defensive positions and obtaining a better view of the surrounding areas, including battlefields. They were constructed on defensive walls, or rolled near a target. They were also used to communicate information over greater distances.

The Tower of David- King David's palace...
What did David do there?...
played music
sang praises to God
meditated on The Lord
I like to think he sat still and silent, listening for His still small voice

As my hands ran across rocks that were laid thousands of years ago, I can't help but think of David running his hands the same places and for the same reason- to pray for the city and it's holy people called by God.
As my eyes watch people, my heart breaks.
Did David's break at seeing and hearing the lack of reverence and immense adultery to our holy God?
The psalms say time and time again- praises to you God, save me, deal with my enemy, deal with sin, but thank You for Your mercy.

I see David- standing- looking at his tower, turning to pray- thoughts of the once great city, hopes of the future in which will happen.

And yet- my spirit leaps to think of the New Jerusalem not built by human hands; no inhabitant against His perfect nature, no violence, no strife, no pain, no worry; all inhabitants able to stand before a holy God because of Jesus. We, standing as the Bride- pure and whole
Is this what he longs for?
As David prays for his people, for his city, for Jesus to hasten his return- I ask-- what are you doing to change what we see before us- darkness prevailing in the land because of new forms of ungodliness, because of old forms of ungodliness, denying the Messiah, the Body of Christ accepting what was never meant to be within us- sin. 

"Thy neck is like the Tower of David built with turrets, whereon there hang a thousand shields, all the armor of the mighty men." (Song of Songs, 4:4)

 This means, setting your will to obey God.
Will you- at all cost- obey the One who paid the highest price for your life, whose blood is the veil for God to look upon you? 

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