Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Gone fishin

Fisher-man: one who fishes for men. 
Fishing takes time, quiet, peace, focus, ease, grace.  

Once you catch a fish- then what?
You gut it, wash it, prep it, season it, fire it up, and it serves it's purpose. 
Each part happens in its own timing and for its original design. One part done before the other results in a massive redo project. 

Isn't this what the disciples did? 
Isn't this what we are to do? 
If we "fish for men"- I have to say we are out of a job. 

Why do we continue to lack in this area? Are we waiting for them to come to us? Are we waiting for our lives to be perfect? Are we waiting to be ready for it? 
All of the above and more. 
We are too distracted by self seeking, immediate satisfaction, self gratification, & self glorification, that we continue to miss the "fish" or opportunities or we are just plain scared or maybe we just don't care. 
The enemy has us sitting stagnet in fear or distraction. Stalled. 
When will we wake up and begin to fish again? And be successful at it? 

We- being those following after Christ with a willing heart and yielded to His will- must acknowledge and accept the call each one of us has to "fish" for those who do not know Him. Doing this- we will be obeying the Lord's will. And following after Christ's heart and desire... The entire reason He died on the cross... "That none would perish."

So many people are hurting. So many people are searching. Searching for the One thing that was meant to fill our hearts desire. 
We have done an excellent job at being distracted or even better- judging. 
Judgement on people not the sin. Judging a person is not our job. Holding accountable a person to their sin is part of the function of the Famibily (aka your Biblical Family) . 

The Church has said "you can't mess up here. You must look and play the part. Nothing is wrong in my life. With Jesus, my life became unmessy and perfect." 
We are believing a lie. 
Truth is- shouldn't within the relms of the Body of Christ we be able to mess up and fail, be picked up, corrected, & guided in a loving way? Isn't that what Christ did with the disciples? If we are free to mess up in the Body, then we wouldn't be messing up out in the world as bad, judging instead of teaching, We wouldn't be turning so many off from Christ. 
We are responsible for scaring the "Fish" away. We have made too much of OUR OWN noise. 

Be in the Word, Be still before God, Be in fellowship, Be in accountability, Be under a spiritual mother & father... Be yielded to God- fully and wholehearted. 
We might be able to help God fix what we have unaligned from His original intent... to be Fishmen for Him 

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