Monday, June 30, 2014

Inbound or outbound

Maybe I'll be able to stretch out, maybe a 4 row of seats will be available. I might actually get to sleep on this flight! 
A small village of ultra Orthodox Jews surrounded me. And they brought their kids. 
This should be interesting. 

A mother of 3 sat next to me. Her 9 months old in her lap. He was cute... Or so I thought till he began screaming and throwing everything in his grasp at me!
He wouldn't sleep- I thought... Kid, it's 1am. You should be passed out! 
Oh no... He wants to grab and smack me. 

Food service- that will fix everything temporarily! 
Oh wait... You ran out before you got to me. Super!!! Don't you know how many people are on this flight and plan accordingly? Hmmmmmm
Lady next to me had a kosher meal though. And ate her sandwhich till it was gone! 
Oh well- I don't need food this late anyway. 
Mom fell asleep and ended up with her 2 yr old who was also asleep in her lap. The baby and 3 yr old fell asleep finally in dad's arms across from us. 
Slight turbulence met...
Oh no... This is your first time flying... Oh no... Your pale... Your clammy... Your hot - not a good combo
Where's the bag... I can't find it fast enough... Oh no... It's coming... I know that look...
Bag open- and it began!
Small space... No air... Heat is on... Pinned next to the window...
Just turn your head april!
I had the quickest memory of traveling to Illinoise as a child with my grandparents, brother, & cousin zack in the boat... Well what we thought was a boat anyway but resembled a Cadillac. We left early in the morning, stopped to get mcdonalds breakfast & by gosh zack WAS going to drink that orange juice per Granny Mae. Ten minutes down the road we hear- I don't feel so good. 
Sitting in the back seat if the caddie was quick like a boat and very easy to get car sick. Jacob on one side, me on the other, Zack in the middle,pillow in lap... "Granny, I'm going to..." 
Granny's cat like, I'm the mother of 4 but many more than that, reflexes emptied the tissue box just in the nick of time to catch the ever so smelly orange juice throw up. Windows were now down in the back, noses couldn't get far enough out of the window without taking our seatbelt a off, and that wasn't an option- Pops was still driving steady without a glitch in his step. 
A few dry heaves from me... 
Hope she liked that sandwhich again. 
Sleeping child, still asleep, still sweaty, sliding ever so slowly down her lap.
I'm pretty sure he's going to hit the floor. 
The dinosaur calls stopped- thank You Lord!
Now for clean up... Oh wait- there's no house keeping in flight. Hahaha
What was I thinking. 
One soft an later with a some sips of sprite... She is resting nicely. 
Still in her many layers and hat slight disheveled to the side, but that bad boy ain't coming off!

No sleep- no food- no reading- no writing- guess I'll pray. 

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  1. So I just found out that this was a miracle!
    God can change the hearts of man whenever and wherever He chooses!
    Orthodox Jews are never known to get help from a non-Jew. They would rather die than get their help.
    Once I opened my mouth- they were very willing to receive my help.
    Goes to show me that God can do whatever He wants whenever He wants!!!
    You are All Sufficient ! Thank You God for the example and for softening hearts before my eyes.