Friday, June 27, 2014


While on his travels, he met such a creature.
He was captivated by her becoming look.
She saw him walking over to her... Curious she was 
Her gate quickened as she caught the gaze of another moving toward him. Her slender legs widened as her stride lengthened, her knobby knees followed suit.

She slowed... He turned...
Their brown eyes met... Her heart began beating faster... Wildly out of control
She stopped at the only thing separating her from her new found interest-- 
How could she free herself from this barrier? 
She would have to settle for this mediocre closeness to him. 

Cautiously... She elongated her neck- he slowly reached his hand out 
His skin collided with hers... 
Her soft caramel brown hair was slightly tangled... Patches of coarse hair throughout peaked his curiosity...
How could he tell this beautiful creature of his interest in her? 
 Feeding her? Washing her? Caressing her?
As he thought, he saw her jealousy for his attention when the others came about. 
She firmly but loudly made known her territory. 

He spoke to her with his soft kind voice.. 
Her heart yearned to hear his voice, feel his touch, to just be near him. 

He did not know how long he could be in her company but he had to know...
What should I call her? 

Meet Mandy ...

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