Monday, July 6, 2015

awakened to pray

I was awakened with a shove in the middle of the night. Slightly frightened but somewhat confused, I looked around. No one. My clock read 3am.
What could He want? “Yes Holy Spirit?”
I took my earplugs out to see if I was missing something.
I heard it.
Loud and clear…
The memory of laying in Jerusalem every night listening to the same thing at the same hour came to me. I was woken an hour before the call to pray. In Jerusalem, a mainly Jewish & Christian nation, there was a tension in the air. Knowing the Muslims were in constant turmoil with Jews & Christians- you could feel the angst that was created when Ramadan was being celebrated.
In Jos, Nigeria, I did not find this same angst or atmosphere. Jos is predominantly a Muslim nation & it is Ramadan.
During Ramadan, practicing Muslims will fast and pray all day. Then all night they eat & celebrate. This is done for a month.
3am… I heard the call to precursor to the call to prayer… and some celebrating music in the background. I knew what the Holy Spirit wanted.
I wasn’t sure what to pray
So I listened… prayed in the Spirit… then felt the urge to thank God for being who He was.
Lord- you are the God of all languages. The One who knows our hearts & speaks to all hearts. Thank you that You are Omnipotent- Omnipresent- and never slumber. I do not know the hearts of Muslims nor will I try to imagine- but You do. I ask that you speak to their hearts as You know they need- that they would know You as their only God- that they would know Jesus as their Lord and Savior- dying for each life to live in eternity with You. Thank You that nothing is too big for You & that You long for their hearts to be Yours more than I. Be ever present in their minds- giving them dreams & visions of who You are. That they would believe in You- that they would love You- that they would seek only You- and that You would respond to the them like I know You desire. Thank You for each and every life that You created. To You be all glory and honor.

I am amazed that He would ask me a year later then remind me of a year past- to pray for a nation, to pray for a people group that He so desperately desires to know Him. This is who He is. The Creator of all things, having all power in His hands- yet giving man the free will to chose who his heart will love, who his heart will follow.

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