Friday, December 9, 2016

life & death

Today- I was reminded of the feeling when someone you love is ripped away from you.
The knot in the pit of your stomach tightens… leaving a nauseous unsettled feeling brewing inside you… when every breath hurts & every thought ends with a question mark
All things inside of you want to scream… yell… cry… panic… grasp for control…

Pondering life in general as a slew of emotions invade your mind…
We never know when our last moments with a person might be- whether taken by force, death, illness, or choice… the result is still the same
No matter how much preparation you have… the result is still the same
No matter how much time you have with them… the result is still the same
We live each day- up and down, ebs and flow, ins and outs… mostly by routine because we are creatures of habit
We take for granted those that we have around us, those we love, those we care about, those we encounter & interact with- intentionally or unintentionally

I believe God, our Creator, made us to be intential people, not meant to be alone or without fellowship of others, or without love. But we forfeited our right to have continual fellowship & love forever with people when we Fell. But His plan superseded all things… all imagination… all knowledge… all understanding

We get to ponder these things & more but never get the answer till our allotted time which only One knows. We attempt to spend every waking moment with those we love but all coming to the same end.
We avoid… we shut it out… we “think about it tomorrow”… but what if it’s too late?

As a health care provider I see death almost every day- if its not immediate then it is coming soon. We have no borrowed time.  We can become callused to death- lacking compassion some might say.
What they don’t know is that we just cant take another death. Like a miner chipping away at the earth- each death chips a little more off the heart.
And when these moments that I spoke of in the beginning come, we are stopped dead in our tracks- trying to hold it together, trying to calm the questions, the unanswered questions as we face families- faces- children- mothers- fathers- husbands- wives…

We fight death so often for life.  But the reality is- the only certainty of life is death, and the only certainty of death is answered with a question…

That feeling in the pit of my stomach increases as a reminder to be intential with those people we come into contact with everyday. What if this is their last moments of life? What if death is just a moment away for them? What does that change for you- how does the thought change your approach, your speech, your questions…
How do we love people, who may not be the kindest, but whose moments might be their last… because after all… the only certainty of life is death, and the only certainty of death is answered with a question…

Do you really know Him?

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  1. Praise God..I do know HIM. Well said sister! Amen