Wednesday, April 23, 2014


May last year, I was given the opportunity to go to Nigeria, Africa to offer my nursing services in whatever way I could.
All the plans had been made & finalized- until everything changed.
I remember prior to leaving not really sure how I was going to get to the airport let alone get there in general. I was being hit from every angle by the enemy to stop me from going.
My world- as I knew it- had crumbled all around me- just as the walls of Jericho fell the 7th day the Israelites marched around it.
"Lord, if You want me to go to Africa... You will have to pick me up & get me there." All odds were against me- but the faithfulness of the Lord prevailed!!!
At the perfect moment the day before my flight- God provided a ride & the strength. I had all the money I owned in my pocket, an airline ticket & my bags standing in the airport ready to go. The Lord wanted me in Africa...
I thought I was going to change lives... little did I know, they were going to change me

I questioned, why do You have me here Lord? what do You want me to do while I am here?  The answer was... I want you to learn to be loved on. Allow these people you came to help help you. Rest here, be loved here... because you are going home to fight the battle against evil.
As time went on in Africa... my heart was heavy but learning to lean in on My Beloved. 
The first experience I had was in the chapel of all the nursing students. The chapel was packed, hot and humid, noisy from the singing, yet the only place in the world I wanted to be. Tears were streaming down my face as I listened to the harmonies being sung acapella. I saw the young girl sitting next to me get up & begin searching for something. She went to every row. Then finding what she was searching for, came back & sat down next to me. She began to write something on the bulletin. She then finished and handed me the bulletin. 
"don't cry. the Lord has everything in His hands."

The days went by & the Lord showed Himself more & more faithful. As I read scripture & my new found book, "Girls with Swords" by Lisa Bevere, I began to hear His still small voice. He so tenderly confirmed what my spirit was feeling & was feeding me life through His word. 

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