Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Showed up & showed off

June 2013- left Lancaster at 0315... to BWI for a 0515 flight to Nashville, TN. As I am singing & praying & taking in the traffic even this early in the morning, I realize I am not going to make my flight. 
"Lord, if You want me in Nashville, You are going to have to hold my flight for me because I am not going to make it."
Parking signs, not helpful... unable to find long term parking, so parked in short term... running to catch the bus that was pulling up... through security at 0500... already accepted I will be waiting to catch the next flight to nashville. Still hopefully running to the gate though
As the lady behind the counter peered over her glasses, I asked, "that flight to nashville, there's no way I could still get on it is there?" She looks at the gate, shrugs her shoulders, and says, "we can go see." We walked over to the already closed door to the walkway. She unlocks & opens the door saying, "if the plane door is closed at the end, turn around & come back."
As I was walking to the plane, a head pops out of the plane door. It was the flight attendant. "Are you April?" I looked at him & said cautiously, "Yes..." "We have been waiting for you," he states. 
I stopped dead in my tracks. God- are You kidding me!!!! You just showed up & showed off!!!!!
I continued my walk through the plane door laughing.
Did He really just hold this plane to Nashville for me?!?!
As I was half way to my seat- with several seats empty toward the back of the plane- 2 people rise and move toward the back of the plane. I stopped just short of my seat & they look at me & say, "we have been waiting for you." 
Laughing again as I am seating myself, I begin to praise Him.
Through the flight I was praying- Lord, You are so good to me. You are writing this story. I am willing to do whatever You want. You just held a plane for me. Use my story for whatever purpose, in whatever way You want. I am willing!
As I am waiting on my aunt to pick me up & to face my family for the first time since my life was flipped upside-down, I get a phone-call. 
"April, I am preaching at church this Sunday. I want to use your story in my teaching. Do you mind?"
I was floored!!!
I began crying and praising Him yet again for answering me so quickly. 

His purpose, His story written through me, for His glory...
He has made beauty out of ashes!

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  1. I love this story :-) Makes me smile every time I hear it.