Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Lion Arise

Tonight as I was talking with my mom about how I felt inside with the lack of his call or response after so long- I honestly said- "I feel free, lacking nothing. My decision- I stick with- God is who I chose until He allows someone to walk along side, in step with Us. 

I began to explain how some similar feelings from when my life was in a waiting period for my "husband" to now when thinking about my ex-husband... I felt sad. I actually cried in anger. 
As my life has continued & blossomed into God's original design, my prayers for this man have changed, yet stayed the same.  Reconciliation to God- to see his full potential as Christ designed him. To see- to hear- to know the love of God.
My anger is a righteous anger- one that comes with the passion in a heart that is yielded toward God & therefore angry at the things that anger Him. 
I think of what the enemy has tried to accomplish & I laugh! 
You have no hold on me- You have stolen nothing from me! You do not win... remember?!

I hear him taunt me saying, "but your marriage is demolished & ruined. you are alone. and I have him. he is mine."

I have pondered on that. 
Is he his?
I was reminded by my mother tonight that he is not ignorant of the Truth. He does know and believe. 
And we know- the purpose of all of this was to bring you (april) into right alignment with God, as well as him too. Our greatest weapon & most effective job is to pray for him as He desires. 

As my tears of anger rolled down my cheeks- I explained that I was angry at what the enemy had done & how he holds ever so tightly on what does not belong to him
I may not be able to make him see or say the words to change his mind or be able to do anything in this realm... BUT... I will pray!

Mom saw the Lion rise as I spoke of my anger for him. 
The Lion rises. 
His anger is very present. 
He is coming to take back what is His. 
He is coming!

As I picture the Lion, I am at peace. 
It is no ironic fate that my new study is Lioness Arising...
I am excited to see what God does with this Lioness as He teaches her to rise 


  1. It is wonderful to see God work in you. I thank God for you each day. Thank you fro being faithful to His will. May God continue to richly bless you and keep you safe in His guiding and protecting hands in the name of Jesus and by His blood.

  2. I had a dream this week... I woke up ..from being asleep on the coach and the tv was still on. I remember this... He is coming!.. He is coming. Tell everyone He is Coming...i told my husband ...he suggested that it might be a dream influenced from the tv. But after reading this.. I have no doubt ... It was the Lord speaking with me. THANYOU SISTER! Much love Helen