Wednesday, May 14, 2014

faith waits

Despair... the complete loss or absence of hope.
How great is the temptation of despair at times. "Your soul becomes depressed & disheartened, & your faith staggers under the severe trials & testing that come into your life."
You begin to hear in your mind... I cant bear this any longer!
God tells us not to despair.
So, what am I to do?
When you are physically weak what do you do... lean on the shoulder of a stronger loved one; completely rely on, become still & trust the other person's strength. 
Why do we find this difficult to do with the only One who will always be there, will always be strong enough, who knows why the weakness, who loves unconditionally? 
Tangibility...  ability to be touched or felt
We are so consumed with immediate gratification, feelings & having what we need or want in hand 24/7 that we find it more difficult now to believe; To  believe in what we cannot see... Faith. 

When you become weak through fires of affliction, don't try to be strong... Know that He will sustain you & bring you through the fire.  
A person who is at rest has only achieved it through conflict...
            the serenity & quietness following the storm brings fresh, purified air!
Once the initial shock is over & you look up, you can say, "it is the Lord." 
Faith begins to lift our shattered hopes & securely bind them to the feet of God. The result is confidence, safety, & peace

Mark 9:23 " everything is possible for him who believes"
This does not always come by asking, because God is always seeking to teach you the way of faith. Your training for a life of faith, discipline of faith, the patience of faith, & the courage of faith comes in many stages before the final result. 
When you have made your request to God & the answer still has not come, what are you to do? Keep on believing His Word! 
When you remain unswayed from your stance of faith, even in the view of supposed contradictions to God's Word, you grow stronger on every front. Only through discipline will you then be equipped for the work to which God has called you. Times that try your soul are times of spiritual growth & development. Only He has spoken His promise to work, it is truly hard to wait as you see the days go by with no fulfillment... but wait!

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