Friday, May 2, 2014


At the National Day of Prayer tent yesterday, we began to pray for family- spiritual & physical, I was reminded of what the Lord has already done in my family so far.
I grew up in a Christian home, but at the age of 9 my parents divorced. I remember my parents tolerating each other as my brother & I grew up & had events for the families to get together. Realizing there really is no side to take & finally being able to forgive them both, I began to pray differently for them both- waiting expectantly to see what God was going to do.
Remembering back to just short of a year ago- I came home from Austin Tx to find the normalcy of my home in dysfunction. (I will remind you that- dysfunction & confusion is not from God but from the enemy who only seeks to destroy & kill.)
I was shocked at what was happening, the lack of communication, & my flesh was yelling at me to take control. Knowing I was in the least bit of control of the situation except for my own actions, God continued to hold me up.
I hit my knees as I found all of my husband's belongings removed from our room & placed in the guest bedroom. I fell face down before the Almighty, unsure of what was happening & what was coming next. All the while, I felt Him holding me, picking me up, doing the next thing. I was the puppy on the end of the leash in constant dependency of the Father.
My mother knew something was happening, but didn't know how to help being so far from me & knowing that the Lord was present. My mom picked up the phone & made a call to my dad. "Something is happening with April & James. I cant get there fast enough to help them. Can you help?" My dad called me shortly after. "What is going on April?" "Dad, I really have no idea. Everything is changed & everything is in chaos." I heard a difference on the other end of the phone- one I had never heard before. He was on a mission, but what sort?
The next afternoon I received a knock on the door. It was my dad & mom standing at the door. Together.
My dad began praying & covering holy water over each doorway & through the house. He had bread & wine set out on the table, then asked me to fix lunch.
As James sat & ate lunch with my parents & I, the small talk was very awkward.
"So, I need to ask for forgiveness, James & April," said my dad. "I have not been actively involved with your lives & have not been praying for you in the way a father should. I also want to ask you, Evelene (my mom), for forgiveness of all the wrongdoings & unforgiveness toward you for all these years."
"Thank you Roy, (my dad), & I want to ask for forgiveness for all of my faults & wrongdoings for all these years."
I was speechless. Was this really happening before my eyes?
The conversation continued till James had had enough & left.
We facetimed my brother- who was shocked that mom & dad were at my house together.
The 4 of us began praying & praising God for what He was doing.
With tears streaming down our faces- we praised God for restoring a broken home after 20 years. My parents were friends again, & my brother & I felt as if there was a new wholeness that happened.
The Master Creator designed family a certain way & for a certain purpose. It is our own selfishness & sin that creates the disfunction, but I have witnessed what the Father can do to bring His family back to its original design.
Oh to be a member of the greatest family in the universe- the Family of God.
I can attest that God makes all things new- we just have to be patient.

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