Monday, May 26, 2014

Cross reality

the Cross
a man nailed to it... a King... the Prince of peace... the Son of God... suffering the imaginable...
the One who had at His disposal legions of angels in a blink of His eye
but why did He not call them? why did He keep silent? why did He endure?

the depth that He endured is overwhelming in the physical realm but in the spiritual....
Christ, being a part of the Trinity, did not want to be separated from His Father. He did not want to be ripped away from the Father, Holy Spirit, Himself. It was unheard of, unthinkable, impossible to do... but He is the One of impossibility. 
Why did He allow it then?
As much as He did not want to be separated from the Father, He saw it worse for YOU to separated from the Father because of your sin nature. 
He laid His life down- to take on ALL sin- past sin, present sin, & future sin. 
When Christ was nailed to the cross, you were nailed there with Him- Your sin, your sin nature, the old way. When He rose, you rose with Him. Raised to life with Christ, a new life, a new man. 
There is no prayer for salvation. Salvation is believing in Christ as the One who died for you and gives you life. Salvation is walked out, continual process, dying to self, humbling yourself before The Lord  walking in reverence and fear of who He is. 

Christ gave up His full inheritance for you. Not because you deserve it but because He loves you that much. He loves you so much to lay His life, His place in heaven with God, His everything  so that you would be able to come before The Father and stand. So that you could spend eternity with God. 
Risen... Defeated death. Making those who believe in Him and what He did immortal. 

What then is stopping you from giving up things to God? Why are you holding on to things that don't really matter? 
We should be so willing, so addicted to Jesus, to give all things up for the sake of His name. 
Does this mean we quit our jobs and sell everything? For some who are called to do that, yes. But for the rest of us- we need to adjust fire. Readjust our lives. Focus our gaze on the ONLY thing that matters, the only thing that gives life. The cost for your life was priceless, what then will it cost you to get closer to He who gives you life? 

What do you fear more- not having what you think you need or desire, tangible in your hands or life OR not having what you know gave up everything for you to have life? 
This is reality- Christ gave all for you, what will you give up to allow Him to be the priority? Will you return to your first Love? Or will you continue to walk in adultery? 

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