Monday, May 26, 2014

Your house of vision & peace

Two years ago, James & I had 48 hours to search & find a house in Lancaster, PA, our new home. I had to fly back to Augusta GA to finish up my active duty & James had a few weeks to get out the lodging paid for by Armstrong. We looked at 24 houses in one day & had 4 more to go. We tossed a few houses out off the bat, liked 4-5, & we were getting tired. 
We came to Kauffman road. We looked at a big house that had a shared driveway then we looked at the house 2 down from it. 
As I walked into the house behind the Realtor & James, I immediately had a vision. 

Kids were running up & down the foyer staircase & in & out of the kitchen & backyard, & the living room was filled with people. I knew in that moment that this was it. 
We could stop looking at houses now. 
I kept quiet what I had seen & how I felt about the house. 
Later that evening, James & I agreed on 5 houses that we liked the best. Then the weeding out began. 
We narrowed it down to 2 houses. 
Then 1. 
We were unanimous on the Kauffman house because of the location & resale. 
I finally spoke up about the picture I saw. I immediately thought the children were our children running through the house & it was our biological families in the living room. It was what I desired. 

As time went on, I quickly realized & felt the unrest in our home. Then things began to change as God began to change my heart to how He originally designed it. 
How does this house become a place of peace, rest, love? What needed to change?
I remember one day as I was on my face before God, the revelation came that this is not mine. This house belongs to God. 

Present day... Resurrection Sunday 2014
As I entered the house after letting the dog out, I turned and looked...
children running up & down the stairs, in & out of the back door through the kitchen; the living room full of chairs & pillows for people to sit & hardly any room was left open. 
I was hit with... this is the original vision given when I first walked into the house. 
Oh My Goodness!!!
God- You are amazing how You just fulfilled what You allowed me to see 2 years ago.
How creative You are & how surprising You are. 
They were not my own children by James, nor were they my biological family flooding my living room. 
It was my spiritual family!!!!

Thank You God for using the Johnson home for Your purposes & for Your place of Peace to others & myself. I stand in awe of who You are & what You do.

Isaiah 54...

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