Thursday, April 24, 2014

Israel 2014

Hello beloved family & friends
The last year has been a worldwind of a journey & continues to be as God is leading me on His original plan & purpose for my life. There are no adjectives that can express how difficult yet amazing it has been. God has been  incredibly faithful to me every moment of everyday & He has poured His love on me in a way I have never known before.
Since the events of last year occurred with James' departure, I have been hard after the Lord, immersing myself in Him & what He has for me.
I remember while in college, after I got married, & while driving home from work through the corn fields one morning in Lancaster- God saying, "I have more for you..."
I began asking what that was &  have begun to live the "more" now!!! And how sweet, exciting,& hard it is, but very worth it!
I began to ask the Lord to move my heart for what moves His. So, as I began to dive deeper into what the Father's heart is for, He began to reveal things to me & open doors.
As I got more involved with City Gate (local prayer room in Lancaster), the Lord impressed upon my heart the importance of prayer. Not just- Dear Lord... thank you for this day- kind of prayers, but what He wants me to pray. What does it look like, what does it sound like, what do you want me to do & say, how do you want it to look?
As I began reading a few books on prayer & more doors began to open. With the closing of the book Break Anointing & the opening of Prayer Altars, I felt the Lord say, Its all about the prayer altars. Im going to teach you how & I want you to teach them how.
What better way to learn how to pray than in the Holy Land as His people do!
So- June 14th I will be departing the United States for TelAvive for 2 weeks.
I have been given the opportunity to participate in the Israel Project hosted by the Louisiana Messianic Communities led by Rabbi David & his wife. I will be traveling with 6-8 other people. We will be involved with the Isreal Outreach which entails working in distribution centers, home fellowships, 24/7 houses of prayer, & working with the local missionaries & believers. We will be seeking the Father's will for each day & learn the art of listening prayer on the ground in Israel. It was best explained to me as a "prayer bootcamp"!!!
And all of you know how much I love the challenge of a "bootcamp."  
I cannot wait to see what the Lord has in store for me in this time of learning & helping others in whatever way they need. 
My request then to you, is for prayer. Knowing the work we will be doing in Israel, I am expecting resistance from the enemy. I ask that you pray for protection & guidance during this time; pray that we will hear & promptly obey the Lord in His asking; that lives are transformed by God in others through us; and that His will will be done.
If you would like to support financially, it will be gracioulsy received. You can send any contribution to me at:
April Johnson
The total cost of the trip is roughly $3000 which includes airfare, lodging, food, transportation, & entrance fees.
You can go to to check out the ministry website. 
I am so excited to see what the Lord is doing worldwide & to be apart of it!
Thank you for your support & prayers. I will keep you updated during the preparation process, before I leave, & of course when I return! I cant wait to share with you about my adventures.
Peace & blessings!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Showed up & showed off

June 2013- left Lancaster at 0315... to BWI for a 0515 flight to Nashville, TN. As I am singing & praying & taking in the traffic even this early in the morning, I realize I am not going to make my flight. 
"Lord, if You want me in Nashville, You are going to have to hold my flight for me because I am not going to make it."
Parking signs, not helpful... unable to find long term parking, so parked in short term... running to catch the bus that was pulling up... through security at 0500... already accepted I will be waiting to catch the next flight to nashville. Still hopefully running to the gate though
As the lady behind the counter peered over her glasses, I asked, "that flight to nashville, there's no way I could still get on it is there?" She looks at the gate, shrugs her shoulders, and says, "we can go see." We walked over to the already closed door to the walkway. She unlocks & opens the door saying, "if the plane door is closed at the end, turn around & come back."
As I was walking to the plane, a head pops out of the plane door. It was the flight attendant. "Are you April?" I looked at him & said cautiously, "Yes..." "We have been waiting for you," he states. 
I stopped dead in my tracks. God- are You kidding me!!!! You just showed up & showed off!!!!!
I continued my walk through the plane door laughing.
Did He really just hold this plane to Nashville for me?!?!
As I was half way to my seat- with several seats empty toward the back of the plane- 2 people rise and move toward the back of the plane. I stopped just short of my seat & they look at me & say, "we have been waiting for you." 
Laughing again as I am seating myself, I begin to praise Him.
Through the flight I was praying- Lord, You are so good to me. You are writing this story. I am willing to do whatever You want. You just held a plane for me. Use my story for whatever purpose, in whatever way You want. I am willing!
As I am waiting on my aunt to pick me up & to face my family for the first time since my life was flipped upside-down, I get a phone-call. 
"April, I am preaching at church this Sunday. I want to use your story in my teaching. Do you mind?"
I was floored!!!
I began crying and praising Him yet again for answering me so quickly. 

His purpose, His story written through me, for His glory...
He has made beauty out of ashes!


May last year, I was given the opportunity to go to Nigeria, Africa to offer my nursing services in whatever way I could.
All the plans had been made & finalized- until everything changed.
I remember prior to leaving not really sure how I was going to get to the airport let alone get there in general. I was being hit from every angle by the enemy to stop me from going.
My world- as I knew it- had crumbled all around me- just as the walls of Jericho fell the 7th day the Israelites marched around it.
"Lord, if You want me to go to Africa... You will have to pick me up & get me there." All odds were against me- but the faithfulness of the Lord prevailed!!!
At the perfect moment the day before my flight- God provided a ride & the strength. I had all the money I owned in my pocket, an airline ticket & my bags standing in the airport ready to go. The Lord wanted me in Africa...
I thought I was going to change lives... little did I know, they were going to change me

I questioned, why do You have me here Lord? what do You want me to do while I am here?  The answer was... I want you to learn to be loved on. Allow these people you came to help help you. Rest here, be loved here... because you are going home to fight the battle against evil.
As time went on in Africa... my heart was heavy but learning to lean in on My Beloved. 
The first experience I had was in the chapel of all the nursing students. The chapel was packed, hot and humid, noisy from the singing, yet the only place in the world I wanted to be. Tears were streaming down my face as I listened to the harmonies being sung acapella. I saw the young girl sitting next to me get up & begin searching for something. She went to every row. Then finding what she was searching for, came back & sat down next to me. She began to write something on the bulletin. She then finished and handed me the bulletin. 
"don't cry. the Lord has everything in His hands."

The days went by & the Lord showed Himself more & more faithful. As I read scripture & my new found book, "Girls with Swords" by Lisa Bevere, I began to hear His still small voice. He so tenderly confirmed what my spirit was feeling & was feeding me life through His word. 

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

meet my dog

Azariah- "YAHWEH has helped"
Oh how God has helped!! 
I was lonely in my big house all alone in want of a buddy. I sought the Lord for months about getting a dog. But no definitive answer. 
The breeder had 2 puppies left- so I began to drive to Maryland to take a look. 
Enroute, I began to doubt & question if I should get a dog. Would I have the time? Would the puppy take away my time with God? Is this what You desire Lord?
With no definitive answer & many people saying yes & no- I continued my drive. 
As I was praying & singing in the car, I felt as if the Lord was saying- "April, it is a dog- just make a decision & stick with it. I know where your heart is." 
As I was playing with the 2 last puppies, both 14 weeks old, I knew one of them was coming home with me. 
I decided on the ORANGE puppy. orange being the color the breeder painted his nails to differentiate between the pups. 

The 3.5 hr drive home was eventful... 

vomit X1, pit stop to void X1, slept in the lap
As we arrived home & he proceeded to fall asleep on my lap in the living room, I looked down at the little creature who was so innocent & relied solely on me & loved me without conditions. I began to weep- God was answering my desire. It was as if He was saying, "april, this is how I want you to be with me- completely dependent on the Hand that provides, gives, takes away, disciplines, loves unconditionally. I want you to follow Me as this puppy follows you. And how he loves you, I love you like that, but greater!!" 
I was in awe of God's sovereignty. He created this puppy at the perfect time for the perfect person- me.
Az is growing in size, appetite, curiosity, & vocally. I am often irritated that he wont sleep all day with me after I have worked all night, but how can you resist this face...
He reeks of love & I am astounded at how quickly he is learning. It reminds me of how slow of a learner in life I have been. God is teaching me so much through this puppy. 
Thank You Daddy for Your blessing shown through this little creature. 


writing finally... 
As life continues, I am trusting God in every moment. Knowing what I have encountered, not knowing what is coming, but knowing "the plans He has for me are plans to prosper me & for good."
He is writing a story with my life- one that He has asked me to share when the opportunity arises. All for Him to get the glory. 
I have no words for who God is accept- faithful