Sunday, June 14, 2015


Miracle… an event not explicable by natural or scientific laws

Is our picture off? Have we managed to place the expectation or outcome of a miracle in a box? Have we westernized it?
I read of the many miracles in scripture & I wish to see miracles like this.
But what if I am missing the miracles right in front of my face?

I was sitting in the OR last night manually breathing for a 2month old baby who had no respiratory effort of his own. As I was sitting there I began to ask God…
If you want this little boy to have life here on this earth, God, You are going to have to do a miracle
I began to sing softly… not knowing if he could hear me… but I knew God was listening.
Each puff of air I provided I kept asking and expecting this lifeless body to make an improvement.
God- be merciful!

His heart rate so high and not much more that we could do
I sang louder to praise God for who He was, all He has done, & for this little boy’s life
I looked up and saw him breathing in between my puffs of air… He was making some effort! He moved his arm slightly!
I laid my hand on his little belly- praying & singing
God- this little life you have placed in my hands is trying hard to live- He is yours- only You can create life and only You can take it- I praise You that You have allowed me to see Your breath in his lungs. No matter what You decide for this little life- I will praise You. I will trust You. You are good & there is no one like You. Only You know the number of days for each of us, Only You know what each future holds, each breath we breathe. I will sing of Your goodness and mercy…

His love, His mercy, His miracles may look different each time.
As dawn approached, Carmen & I took our post for the next few hours. We did not know what today was going to bring for us or for this little boy… another surgery, recovery, death, life…
We prayed for God’s will to be done, thanking Him for the day, & what it would hold.

His heart rate began to suddenly decrease quickly
 still breathing for this little boy, compressions were started…

Carmen & I looked at each other… a glimpse of peace came over us…
He was with Jesus now
No longer having to fight for life
But living eternal life with his Father

We question- why after all that work would You take him?
I don’t understand God’s ways or thinking at times, but I know without a shadow of doubt that He is good & His ways & thoughts are higher than mine… and I trust that… I trust Him.
The work was not for nothing- whether for someone to draw closer to God, for someone to see the hard work or angst from us, for someone to experience or watch teamwork happen… I do not know.
But what I do know, is that God allowed each of us to be touched and changed by this little boys life…
his name was Miracle
 that indeed was what he was
God’s Miracle

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  1. You are right! I have seen this occur and we don't know reasons and sometimes are never given a glimpse to it. But I can imagine the role model that you played by showing your faith as you did. God allows us choice even in death. Why would he allow freedom to choose him and not for other things. For sure now you've experienced what happens when you praise God with all your might but allow God's will. This speaks of your surrender and this might just be what you modeled for another. I think still the miracle presented itself-you received a message that you are heard in your praises to God as the little guy attempted to breath and hope and wonder about God lives on. Blessings, Aunt Renee